SIP-adus Workshop 2021


Dynamic MapOverview
Dynamic Mapを活用した動的情報連携および地図更新の現状及び課題を共有化する。


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    中條 覚


    Visiting Researcher from 2017
    Project Associate Professor from 2012 to 2017
    Convenor for ISO/TC204/ SWG3.3 Location Referencing
    A member of SIP-adus
    2012: Ph.D from the University of Tokyo
    2017: MBA from McGill University


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    Jean-Charles Pandazis

    ADASIS & SENSORIS coordinator
    Innovation & Deployment
    European Road Transport Telematics Implementation Coordination Organisation-Intelligent Transport Systems & Services Europe (ERTICO – ITS Europe)

    Joined ERTICO in 2009. He holds Master degrees in Electrical Engineering from the EPFL in Lausanne and Georgia Tech in Atlanta. He built his career at Bosch Corporate Research with focus on predictive navigation and Driver Assistance systems. At ERTICO he developed many activities related to digital maps and advanced driver assistance systems. Currently he is responsible for Clean Mobility as well as for overall ERTICO platforms' coordination. He is also from their launch the coordinator of the industry-driven platforms ADASIS and SENSORIS.

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    Andras Csepinszky

    Steering Committee
    Open Auto Drive Forum

    András Csepinszky is the director of Advanced Automotive Technology of NNG, a navigation software developer company based in Hungary. Since 2018 he is chairing the Traveller Information Services Association’s (TISA) Content and Services Committee and its Business Analysis Working Group and member of the Steering Board and acting as liaison officer to ISO TC204. He was elected co-chair of the SENSORIS Innovation Platform in 2020 and speaker of the Open AutoDrive Forum in 2021. He is also Steering Committee member of Navigation Data Standard Association.

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    高橋 明宏

    HERE Japan株式会社

    I, Akihiro Takahashi, am Japan Country Manager in HERE Technologies since May 2020.
    I’m responsible for both Automotive and IoT business in Japan, also driving Go-To-Market strategies with Mitsubishi Corporation and NTT, which are our shareholders as well, to make Japan business further success and to enhance the relationship with customers and partners.

    Previously I was in sales, Microsoft Corporation and contributed as Managing Director for 13 years out of 27-year wealth experience such as OEM platform_Sales including IoT, Small & Medium size of customer sales, building partner Eco systems and digital sales organization as well as SMS&P / Digital Sales to drive customer’s DX through Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 through digital nurturing tools and transformed classic inside sales structure to be more digital centric methods / Small and Medium customer segment through variety of channel partners including SoftBank, Otsuka, Ricoh, Daiwabo as well as solution and telecom Partners including NTT Communications, KDDI, and NTT DOCOMO / Licensing Windows and Office for OEM partners primarily NEC, Fujitsu, Toshiba, SONY and Hitachi.

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    稲畑 廣行


    1980年に三菱電機株式会社鎌倉製作所に入社。人工衛星を担当する。以降30年以上にわたり人工衛星関連事業を展開し、2007年に鎌倉製作所副所長、2008年に宇宙システム事業部(本社)事業部長に昇進。2013年に三菱スペースソフトウェア株式会社副社長に就任。 2015年同社代表取締役社長に就任。2019年4月ダイナミックマップ基盤株式会社に入社、2019年6月から代表取締役社長を務める。

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    津田 喜秋

    鎌倉製作所 ITシステム部 空間情報システム課・専任

    ITS Info-communication Forum,ITS Platform WG Chair man
    SIP Phase 2 Field Operation Tests in the Tokyo Waterfront Area Working Group Chair man