Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting




米国ワシントンDC International Convention Center


TRB概要報告 内村孝彦-ITS Japan

内村孝彦 - 国際連携WG副主査



Accessible Transportation and Mobility – Technology Subcommittee, ABE60(2)

SIP-adus Japan, Next Generation Transport – ART Information Center –

Masayuki Kawamoto – SIP-adus Next Generation Transport

Human Factors in Road Vehicle Automation, AND10(3),
Joint Subcommittee of AND10, AHB15, AHB30

SIP-adus Human Factors and HMI research (on-going project)

Satoshi Kitazaki, Ph.D. – SIP-adus Human Factors

Event 444 Major National and International Programs on Road Vehicle Automation

Japanese Coordinated Approach for R&D of Automated Driving System - Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation promotion Program(SIP)

Shin Morishita – Cabinet Office, Japan


Vehicle-Highway Automation Committee

SIP-adus Workshop 2016 Summary Report

Takahiko Uchimura – SIP-adus International Cooperation WG


Event797 Development of Low-Speed Urban Automated Driving Systems: Operating Concepts

SIP-adus Next Generation Transport Activity Update -Automated Transit Services for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics -

Shinya Tsuchida – Cabinet Office, Japan