SIP-adus Workshop 2020



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    小川 伯文


    Mr. Norifumi Ogawa joined Mazda Motor Corporation in 1984 and had been working in Electronics development department for Multimedia and Navigation engineering. In 2005 he had been dispatched to Mazda Motor Europe, R&D center as deputy general manager and had been responsible for vehicle research. In 2009, he returned to Mazda Motor corporation and managed Advanced Driver Assistance System engineering in Vehicle system development department. Then since 2015, he is working for ITS research in Technical Research department of Mazda Motor Corporation Tokyo HQ.
    In SIP adus project, he is an expert of Connected Vehicles and a chief of task force on V2X communication for Cooperative Driving Automation.


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    Christian Rousseau


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    John Kenney

    Toyota InfoTech Labs
    United States of America

    Dr. John Kenney is Director of networking research and a Sr. Principal Researcher at the Toyota InfoTech Labs in Mountain View, California.
    He represents Toyota in international standards organizations and industry research consortia, including SAE, IEEE, ETSI and the Car2Car Communications Consortium.He also represents Toyota in DSRC Spectrum Sharing discussions with the US Government and the Wi-Fi industry. His research focuses on DSRC performance, congestion control, and standardization. Prior to his work with Toyota, John was a member of the Tellabs Research Center and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Notre Dame. He has graduate degrees from Stanford and Notre Dame.

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    Kevin Dopart

    Program Manager
    U.S. Department of Transportation
    United States of America

    Kevin is the USDOT’s Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Joint Program Office’s Program Manager for Vehicle Safety and Automation. His research program aims to enable safe, efficient, and equitable integration of automated vehicles into the transportation system. Previously, Kevin worked for Noblis, Inc. and the (now defunct) Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, and began his career flying P-3 Orion aircraft worldwide for a U.S. Navy oceanographic research squadron.

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    堀口 和希


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    青木 芳憲