SIP-adus Workshop 2021


Connected Vehicles


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    小川 伯文

    R&D 技術管理本部開発調査部

    Mr. Norifumi Ogawa joined Mazda Motor Corporation in 1984 and had been working in Electronics development department for Multimedia and Navigation engineering. In 2005 he had been dispatched to Mazda Motor Europe, R&D center as deputy general manager and had been responsible for vehicle research. In 2009, he returned to Mazda Motor corporation and managed Advanced Driver Assistance System engineering in Vehicle system development department. Then since 2015, he is working for ITS research in Technical Research department of Mazda Motor Corporation Tokyo HQ.
    In SIP adus project, he is an expert of Connected Vehicles and a chief of task force on V2X communication for Cooperative Driving Automation.


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    John Kenney

    InfoTech Labs
    Toyota Motor North America
    The United States of America

    Dr. John Kenney is Director of networking research and a Sr. Principal Researcher at the Toyota InfoTech Labs in Mountain View, California. He represents Toyota in international standards organizations and industry research consortia, including SAE, IEEE, ETSI and the Car2Car Communications Consortium. He also represents Toyota in V2X Spectrum regulation discussions with the US Government. His research focuses on V2X performance, technology comparison, congestion control, technology evolution, and standardization. Prior to his work with Toyota, John was a member of the Tellabs Research Center and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Notre Dame. He has graduate degrees from Stanford and Notre Dame.

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    Tom Schaffnit

    Operations Research Analyst
    Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
    United States Department of Transportation
    The United States of America

    Tom Schaffnit is an Operations Research Analyst (Expert) in the Technology Innovation and Policy Division at the John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, United States Department of Transportation. He previously worked with automobile OEMs on cooperative vehicle-to-vehicle safety applications and technologies for over 12 years. He served as president of the VII Consortium - a consortium of ten major automobile manufacturers. Tom also worked with the Vehicle Safety Communications 5 consortium on developing a prototype security system for connected vehicles. In addition, he provided policy and technical support to the Association of Global Automakers. Tom has an engineering education and background, complemented by an MBA degree and senior management experience. He is an internationally-recognized expert in communications technologies, and has over thirty years of widely-ranging related experience - from project management of major research projects and development of technical standards, to bringing new wireless telematics services to market.

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    Martin Boehm

    Technical Director
    AustriaTech - Federal Agency for technological Measures Ltd.

    Martin Boehm is Technical Director at AustriaTech and has been with the company since 2006. For 25 years, he has been involved in the digitalisation of the mobility system from both a public and industrial perspective. His focus is on the areas of connected intelligent mobility systems, travel information systems and mobility as a service with a clear focus on the potential of digitalisation to make the mobility system more sustainable. His main expertise is bringing research in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems and Services to real deployments.
    As General Secretary of the European C-Roads Platform he is aiming at harmonised and interoperable deployment of C-ITS services across Europe.
    Martin is nominated as expert for several European Platforms with regard to the implementation of the European ITS Directive. He is as well member of the European CEF Transport Advisory Committee.
    Martin holds a master in the field of Geography and a master in the field of Traffic Telematics Management.

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    南方 真人

    先進技術開発カンパニー 先進技術統括部 安全技術企画G 技範

    Masato Minakata is a member of International Corporation WG ,SIP-adus and also the secretary of FOT planning TF,SIP-adus. Start automotive industry career in Toyota Motor Co.,Japan (1986- Electronics Engineering Div. ), and work for Toyota Technical Center, U.S.A. (2006-2008 Electronics System Div.). Since 2016, Vehicle Safety Planning, R&D and Engineering Management Div. in Toyota Motor Co.,Japan as Grand Master.